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Hillton Dentistry & Aesthetics
General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Our proactive approach to dental care at Hillton Dentistry & Aesthetics ensures that any issues are swiftly identified during our routine but vital dental examinations. Our ethos is to ensure an environment where you feel comfortable to share your dental history, oral hygiene habits and experience of pain, discomfort or concern.

  • Our preventative approach aims to reduce the chances of you needing restorative treatment and to promote a healthy, confident smile!

Tooth decay, damage and infections can cause sensitivity when eating or drinking, sharp intermittent pain or, in more severe cases, constant ache and swelling. These conditions can also lead to side effects such as bad breath, tooth discolouration, gum swelling, bleeding and potential tooth loss.

  • Regular dental health examinations are an essential part of you and your family’s dental care routine and are recommended to avoid the need for treatment arising.

Restoring function, alleviating pain and removing disease might involve one or more of the following treatments but whatever we agree to get you back to health, it will be done ethically and with a gentle hand.

  • Fillings – for the repair of minor tooth decay or teeth damage due to an accident.
  • Dental crowns – are protective sleeves fitted for the retention and protection of damaged teeth where the damage is too large to fill.
  • Tooth extraction – for teeth that cannot be repaired with a filling, crown, root canal or any other treatment. We cherish natural teeth so this would always be our last resort.
  • Root fillings – treatment for teeth in which damage or decay affects not only the tooth but the root too. This treatment prevents the tooth being lost in line with our philosophy to protect teeth. Natural teeth are precious; once they are gone, they don’t grow back!
General Dentistry

We understand that undergoing certain dental procedures can feel a little daunting. Our experienced dental practitioners and team will ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed at every stage of your dental treatment, from consultation right through to aftercare.

To talk through your specific dentistry needs and any concerns you might have, please contact your local Hillton practice.

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